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440Hz vs 432Hz

What’s the deal with people obsessing over 440Hz vs 432Hz?

Magical frequencies, in my opinion, is produced more by the source of inspiration, and then the quality of the composition — how each element is combined.

If 432Hz is magical by itself, then every piece of music transcribed in it should be automatically superior to most pieces written/performed in 440Hz.

…Has there been proof that 432Hz is superior? What is the basis of this argument? Numerology?



Now I am healed enough to dive in to my inner world.

In the past few years, I had been overwhelmed by “energetic anomalies and events,” all I could do was learn about it and be objective.

I made new friends, learned to see life in a new way.

My 3D life fell by the wayside. It was necessary. I have this contract.

When I was able to focus on 3D, my frequency dropped so much, it was so DULL. Rat race, money, food, TV… I am grateful for the order from routine. But I really do not want the lack of protection, from dulled senses, the disablement of intuitive discernment, and last but not the least, dark heavy energies. I believe I had to contend with that in the past few months.

The ego-centered stance was taking its toll on me, I guess.

I am much more than a meatsack.

I can’t sleep right now. I’m going to revive this blog. I have enough time and mental power to write and clarify my own personal feelings and thoughts about my experiences….

Last Sunday night after a nice meetup, I went to the bookstore. The only book I can recall on my reading list is “Tantra Illuminated.” They did not have a copy in the store, so I decided to check out the shelves.

I ended up buying an impeccably organized guidebook for the Tarot, since I am starting to learn to read the cards. My objective is to reorient myself with the language of symbols, poetry, metaphors; perhaps to learn to read and create stories. To communicate in pictures, once again.

I also bought three other books: “Real Magic” by Dean Radin, and “Opening the Doors of Perception” by Anthony Peake. Both authors are among some of my neo-pagan friends’ favorites. “The Illumination Process” by Alberto Villoldo, speaks to me personally, as it outlines the shamanic process and also correlates it with mythology and neuroscience. I have not found a very personally co-resonant book in a long time. I think these books will help me make peace with who I am. I have always wanted to run away and deny this type of experiences. It’s really just easier to perceive nothing more than the rat race, the way most people live…

I binge-watched Sense8 last week

highly rec, even though it takes two episodes before it picks up and gets adictive

My special friends have been raving about it


My best friend got married today


congratulations @islandgypsygirl

Dear 18-year-old Self

Avoid depression by regularly releasing all of the hurts and pains, and then make affirmations and fix your eyes on these goals and stay optimistic. It’s a tough battle, a hard uphill climb, but your fortitude will save you an entire decade of nothingness. This is a practice that you must perform and maintain regularly, just like how people like to go to church every Sunday.

You must learn, as young as you are, to let go of any beloved man, who does not make efforts to share beautiful days with you. Attraction is not truth. The sensation of fatedness has no spiritual basis. Your feelings matter only when his virtues support you. Love is defined and determined by virtues. Not attraction, not (your) inspiration. You can have all these but virtues come first, and without this, the connection is 100% a fluke.

Do not put all eggs in one basket, when dating. Avoid getting attached to anyone unless they have offered commitment. And commitment is perfectly synchronized, harmonious ways of being.

Life and relationships are all about Discovery. Enjoy every new sights and ideas and feeling.

Never identify with “lack.” Never act from a space of need.

You are creative, you share joy. You participate only in relationships of mutual empowerment.

I now have three new work pants, all bright blues; and two new work tops, black and medium rose. I can wear the black top with the blues. I hope to find white work pants to pair with the rose top. White undershirts too for all of them. 💖💖💖

keep it simple 🌞

if bored, just add fun accessories. 💫



I feel sad that my best colors are Katy Perry colors (which looks weird on her), even though I like the gothic look. And got used to monochromatic look.

Thoughts on the OOTD

  • You never realize how dumpy you look until you document every outfit, every day. Just because you love the clothes or feel comfortable in them, don’t mean you look alright.
  • The Sailormoon print shirt made me happy but it was in the wrong colors (Bright Spring), wrong shape (square).
  • I looked better in plain sweater (even though it was Soft Summer color), this might imply I have CLASSIC essence, which means “Less Is More” applies to me.
  • I have a resting bitch face. Is this a DRAMATIC look?
  • I need to get a new set of work clothes: less dumpy, and in the right colors.
  • Yes, plain clothes with no prints make me look sane. Gotta keep that in mind. Experiment with textures instead. It is agreeable.


I broke my no-shopping rule. I went to the thrift store and bought a sequined top, a sequined dress, and a beaded sheer dress overlay. The latter looks fine except for a few missing beads which I’m going to replace with brighter beads anyway. The sequined bandeau top might be too muted for me, but a BW circus color blazer can fix it. Ditto for the uber-glam and too-dramatic-for-me black sequined dress.

Help me be disciplined and NOT shop at all until I’ve figured out my ideal pieces. I have to tell myself that the world will not end, and I am not gonna die if I let one sweet piece slip away.


Brainstorming for Makeover

These are the colors in which I look normal.


Here I gather all the ideas that I will explore and expand on.



for the next two weeks I am taking an OOTD pic every day to capture the status quo; currently not happy at all with my cringeworthy comfort-over-everything-else “style.” In a nutshell, I SETTLED. That’s all I did.

Around 2013-2014 my friends asked me to please wear makeup and dress more sharply like I used to; they didn’t like my new look which I felt was more “toned down and relaxed.” I had been undergoing big changes – total heartbreak leading to near-death which manifested as reduced vitality, new eating habits, new philosophies, new priorities… Not to mention financial difficulties as well.

Color schemes changed from bright or intense to pale and muted. Structure from sexy to ghostly… Eh whatever… Hmm

Now I’m just wearing “functional” clothes like shirt and joggers, that don’t reflect my physique at all.

first part of wardrobe detox is documenting the status quo:

• OOTD for two weeks

• go through my closet and dump the clothes that don’t wear the Bright Winter colors. but first I will probably take pics of the favorites being worn by me, and note what I liked about each, in spite of the wrong colors. Every good detail will be recorded for later use – might be clues for building the new wardrobe.

Taking place for the next two weeks. After which on May 6, a new style class begins. I’d be lucky to be enrolled.



– I don’t want to wear bright all over, I scared myself at my friends’ wedding 😱 …

– neutrals: white, black, gray, navy

– accents: ultramarine, scarlet, emerald, fuchsia

– think about: dark colors, icy colors

– what looks “natural” or “relaxed”



– white button downs and white skirt

– white/blue stripe and navy skirt, silver heels, navy sweater, beret hat

– colorful skirts



– reserve black tie

– reserve white tie

– cocktail dresses

– semi casual and casual

– work uniform



– Dramatic

– Ingenue

– Romantic