Ferris Wheel

by cielopop

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


It never fails to remind me of the first carnival I’ve been to — I was only nine years old, and my father introduced me to the ferris wheel. 🙂 I remember the feeling when I first reached the sky – “Hey, can we touch the stars? Wow!”

My last sweet ride on the Ferris Wheel, pictured above, was in February 2012. It was the first time in over a decade. I had been recovering from severe heartache, as well as paranormal oddities that caused my physique to change, and my gait to lose my energy signature. I was just beginning to reclaim my old self back, even though I/she(?) had a hard time anchoring completely.

I felt estatic as the wheel was stopped for me, on a weeknight, where very few people were out. I felt childlike and ageless again, as joy and wonder filled my heart when I rose to the sky, watching the city lights, wondering about how the people are spending the night. I heard some sweet music in my head as well. It sounded like this:


I had not heard the tune before, in my life; but I definitely felt the tone, and vaguely heard some of its notes. Later, my telepathic friend sent me this tune, 🙂 … imagine my surprise. Apparently, my journey into the rabbit hole still wasn’t finished. But at least I got to enjoy a lollipop-sweet ride.