by cielopop

A terrible life is built by unconscious responses to circumstances and environment.

Reactions as opposed to Creations.

What does it take to know all of one’s self, and to be sure of one’s true desires?

My will has often been swayed to unwanted directions, by family, friends, lovers. I traded autonomy for … security? I guess I’m not as much of a loner as I’d believed. So I guess the key is to find a social environment wherein I’d feel welcomed and comfortable enough to “let it all out.”


The #1 haunting question. I’ve never been loud about my desires, and dreams.

Mom used to ask me. I was determined to stay defensively silent. You know how sabotage works, right? If I didn’t deny it, she would stomp on it. Better I be responsible for it.

Spiteful child, with no faith in parents. All the trouble they went to, for your welfare… actually got you in trouble.

I just take one step closer to you…

Michael Franti is a master alchemist. As Rumi said, “you light the fire of love in earth and sky in the heart of every being”

A discussion on the Law of Attraction caught my attention today. The wretched children of Saturn could use such lessons. Fear can ruin possibilities. Please remain vigilant, and guard the purity of your mind. Determination and respons-ability will get us far.