by cielopop

I was sitting in the dark, waiting for liberation, dressing the wounds in my heart.  I’m ready to go, ready to go, to the edge of what we know, to the end of life, to the space beyond this plane. There is nothing here for me, nothing to enjoy.

And in the night I hear a faint melody, from the distance. Lilting voice filled with peace, singing an angel’s song.

But it is time for me to leave. There is a battle that I must fight; my blood to shed for my people’s salvation. There is nothing here for me. I am alone, unseen, un-precious. I am here not for my enjoyment. Born to have my life taken away, and for me to give it away.

The evening breeze carries with it the longing cries of the flutes, the pensive teardrops from the harp, and the angel’s soothing voice. Spellbinding, sublime. I thank the gods for this one moment of beauty. Last forever, I wish, but it won’t. This evening is the most beautiful, and I will carry this memory with me through the battlefield.