Monday Music: Erik Satie

by cielopop

Every Monday, I am going to share my favorite musical experience or lesson, because discovering music — both old and new — is one of my most favorite indulgences. I am extremely fortunate to enjoy the privilege of access to all kinds of music, in my spare time, enhancing my experience of life.

I take listening cues from a book, “The Secret History of Rock: The Most Influential Bands You’ve Never Heard,” by Roni Sarig. I am trying to finish the first chapter, which focuses on 20th-century composers, who introduced minimalism, industrial sounds, atonal music.

As I am not confident in my memory regarding historical details, I am simply going to describe the musicians in a subjective way – how have their music or stories affected me.

Erik Satie, with the mysterious charm, wearing velvet suits and round eyeglasses, collecting umbrellas, and creating music that was ahead of his time… thought by teachers to be incompetent, as most geniuses and trailblazers are… How admirable his conviction is — not caving in to conventional standards of music, eventually inspiring a movement that we now call modern music.


I wish I had skill and knew more about music theory, so that I can be more articulate in conversing about his beautiful pieces. All I can describe for now is, where do I go when I hear this? Always, the temple within appears, inviting me to come in, relax, and enjoy.