by cielopop

I just finished watching Suzanne Bryant‘s documentary film, Yoga is: A Transformational Journey.  

The segment about Purpose was very inspiring to me. 


What I learned: 

– Life is all about discovering self: facing our shadows and transmuting our perceptions, changing our experiences. 
– Often, our life purpose is revealed through our wounds. 
– ^_^ I’ve always believed this: If my work does not serve seven generations forward, it is worthless, especially if it compromises my values. This is also why I feel frozen, from intimidation. Maybe I need to meditate some more, to calm down, to train my mind to focus, and to exercise my power. 

I have a yoga mat, some yoga pants, yoga book, meditation book — there’s a yoga exercise guide on Netflix — … I have no excuse for not doing this. It takes just 21 days to build a habit, right?