by cielopop

I’m watching business documentaries all week.

Last night I watched The Pit, which took us to the trade industry. If I’d heard of this earlier, I’d have taken a job as a trader, even though I’m a soft female. Haha!  I didn’t know that I could be intrigued with “gambling.”

Electronics trading has taken over open outcry trading. Do they still need humans for that? What does it take to become a trader? Or better yet, what does a broker do? What does it take to become one?

I used to read books on business. I had read the Motley Fool, the E-Myth, and Rich Dad Poor Dad’s basics. I have Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, which I have never read yet.  I wonder if it is still up-to-date.

A confession. I don’t understand the concept of money markets. I understand supply and demand, assets and liabilities, cash-flow mechanics… But whenever I read news about markets – like Wall Street stock exchanges, etc., and even the crash, and the controversial news around it, I can barely understand it. I mean. I am missing a LOT of information here! Help! Haha

If you wanted to be an entrepreneur, are you going to fail, or be taken advantage of, if you don’t know these things?



Tonight, I watched a Bloomberg special, Risk-Takers: Elon Musk. He has got to be my favorite “celebrity” of our time. My favorite thing about him is his VISION — of making the world a better place: stop using fossil fuels, here’s an electric car, and here are solar panels.

I guess that Vision is a vital element in an entrepreneur’s character, it fuels the drive to create and to push forward, despite all obstacles.

Personal question for me is, what is my vision? 😀