by cielopop


The following list has been extracted from Vexen Crabtree’s article, “Cult and Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism:”

Methods of Indoctrination

Terminology: Building the Exit Cost 
Power to Command (NLP)
Hugs and Love-Bombing 
Complacency Tactics 
Compliments and Complimentary Tactics 
Incense/candles (hypnotism) 
Singing/chanting/loss of breath 
Good cop/bad cop 
Them and us
Post-trauma gullibility 
Confusion and the voice of reason 
Sensory deprivation 
Flotation tanks 

From the entry “Victim-Victimizer [Game]” on

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Remedy, from AzuritePress, “Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery

1. SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Freedom from the “Victim-Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be accountable for all perceivable manifestations as direct projections of intended learning from the personal Consciousness/DNA Template. 

2. SELF-SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom from the need for approval from, or the need to rebel against any form of “external authority” through understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spirit, have the ability to create personal freedom without violating the spiritual rights of others and without allowing others to violate your spiritual rights of being.