Previous Notes on Sexuality

by cielopop


So here is an excerpt from the 12-hour workshop that I’m studying:


This is only from the first half hour of the first DVD, and it’s already loaded with so much information.

Being meticulous with research, disliking the feeling of uncertainty, and burdened with too much tension within my mind and emotional body (not necessarily “heart”), I have to take this really slow by first sorting out my own feelings, opinions, and prior knowledge before I can proceed with the workshop to compare notes and update my awareness and behavior.


The notes below are from my personal journal, not from the workshop mentioned above.

Sexuality + Spirituality

Before 2011, I had no knowledge of human bioenergetic mechanics. All I knew of spirituality was the typical vague “knowledge” that is based on “right-brained” processes or the language of dreams and symbols. I had abandoned conventional religion (Roman Catholic) when I was a teenager.

This is what the Catholic religion taught me about sex: that if used for purposes other than pro-creation, it is a grave sin, a taboo. It falls under violation of the sixth commandment – adultery. Using contraceptives besides the rhythm method is also a sin. So unless you want to have a child, you must abstain from sex. Condoms, contraceptive pills, surgeries, are not favored in the eyes of God.

I don’t believe in a nosy sadistic God, but I think I may need some mild therapy about this, especially as my family was equally strict, overprotective, overbearing, etc. Combined with a conservative society, where gossip abound… :/ So I literally had to erect walls around my sexuality – I didn’t write nor talk about it, never gave away signs, I tried to keep it away from my mind. This was in my teen years; later years would be different.

Do you think this contributes to me being uber-PICKY about sexual partners, cringing at base expressions of sexuality? Or is this just part of the feminine psyche šŸ˜‰ looking for poetry and the sublime in partnerships.

Fast forward to my young adult years. I liked reading the basic psychology books. M. Scott Peck, M.D. was one of my favorites. One of the major lessons I took from him was that sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, and cannot be separated. He noted that the most spiritually developed people that he had met also had enhanced sexuality – I forgot how he has stated this; I shall find the book and post an excerpt here one day.

Perhaps the enhanced sexuality has to do with raised kundalini.

I have not really looked into Tantra, but I hear this practice treats sex as a sacred practice. In some magic traditions — I’ve seen this shared among the left-hand path students — sex is a potent tool for rituals, it can amplify effectivity.

Then there’s the story about Twin Flames, who are one soul (flame), descended from the heavens, and incarnated in two, destined to find one another at some point in their lives. Their union, at least on the energetic level, will activate changes in Earth’s grids. Sounds like a dreamy-eyed New Ager’s fantasy. We’ll see if KS does offer a valid scientific (energetic) explanation for this.




I guess I’ve written enough for today.

The other two parts of my journal session covered my experiences, which I prefer to keep to myself; and what I get from “My Relationship with Source Comes First.”

I am not ready to share those ideas, so I will stop here.



Tonight, I’m watching the first video. The speaker mentioned the Elements, and furthermore, placed emphasis on protons – and the spiritual implications behind their existence. She is saying there is occult physics behind this.

Anyway, so now I’m reviewing Chemistry 101 because of this. Not the first time that KS has had me look up mundane science. I had had to study Electromagnetics 101, as well as Neurology 101. So this field isn’t completely “dreamy nonsense,” lol.



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