by cielopop

Bleached my hair for the first time. Unevenly done because I didn’t have enough product, as my hair was too long. But now I know that I should be using 2-3 packs of powder lightener. 

So. As only the bottom layer of my hair was drenched in bleach, it is the lightest. The middle layer was barely wet; I guess this is going to be the darkest. By the time I got to the top layer, it seems that the bleach has dried up. 😦  


Rules for next bleaching session: 

1.) Acquire 2-3 packs of powder lightener. 
2.) Section hair into 10. 
3.) Quickly prepare just enough bleaching solution for one section.
4.) Apply evenly into section.
5.) Repeat steps 3-4 until whole hair has been bleached.


I might try it in two steps: 

1.) Color stripper – to remove the dark color (my hair is darkest shade of brown)
2.) Bleach – to remove brassiness 


Now I’m going to wash my hair, and add Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. I don’t think it’ll come out as turquoise. 😦