Neptune in 2nd House

by cielopop

~ Realizing really late that one’s ego actually possesses a peculiarity called “standards of living,” and that, despite one’s spiritual inclinations towards abnegation and non-attachment, the standards of living definitely affects one’s potential for enjoyment in life, depending upon their fulfillment. ~


Leila had been taught all her life that, life is all about being sent to school to squirm in the seat and be tortured with tests, homework, a ton of bricks in her backpack, after which one can finally advance to a prisoner’s hot seat in an adult setting, which is called a “job,” except this time, the lesson is all about your real job and other people’s nosiness, and the homework mainly involves recovering from headaches, and you’re also carrying your families’ and friends’ burdens, if you are so inclined. 

Seeing as that is hardly utopian, unlike the world in her dream — you do know there is a portal from the dream world into reality, right? — where everyone is free to be themselves, unchained by drama and the sense of lack, motivated only by the spark of life within their hearts, in unison creating a free world with no vanity, no theft, no power struggles… Only freedom and abundance for everyone! 

But, you know, girl, you’ve got to put your feet on the ground, because you’re the only one in your circle who thinks that way. The wolves are out to eat you. The pink candy in your eyes and your marshmallow heart is their license to cheat. The zombie mother thinks you’re being spiteful for “not helping.” The zombie father… well, the zombie father is zombifically imitating the zombie mother… 

Paradise feels just nice: everything flows smoothly, and there is no ugliness, we only have peace here. 

….to be continued…