just had to record (semi-fiction)

by cielopop

You’re judging me for dating a “visually challenged” guy? Why not the handsome “alpha” who thinks wearing trucker hats, large logos, and a smug grin qualifies him as date material?

Because… my “ugly” date actually has a wider vision than your handsome friend is ever capable of, and he is nobody’s bitch.

I have very long ago decided that I could never be happy with an average guy, even an “educated” one who has a “good, stable job” — believe me, I have tried, and never will again. Why? Because they are everybody’s bitch – their bosses’, their friends’, their families’, their religions, and they will expect you to compromise your values to the majority’s illogical preferences. Not to mention they’re only as compassionate as their job requires of them, and only for reward. Without reward, they’re all about their vices: mind-numbing entertainment, unproductive dissociative states (alcohol), disease-causing food, transient fashion trends… I have always found myself seriously understimulated with them, and if, perhaps in an undesirable alternate reality, I ever got into in an irrevocable commitment with one of them, I would definitely end up cheating… WITH this same fugly guy. And they would feel insulted, “Why him??? He’s not even half as attractive as I!!!”

Well, maybe if you actually grew a brain, this wouldn’t have happened.