The Trickster

by cielopop


Studying for a project to finish by July/August.  I would like to create one story. Let’s keep it simple and stay with that.


In the past 24 hours, somehow I’d been smitten by the idea of the Trickster.
I had written a post on FaceBook, finally realizing who the true ruler of the world is – “For ages, the Trickster has been winning the games. Will the Sun Child ever claim the throne?”

Trickster here being cleverness, an underhanded approach to victory.
Sun Child refers to the state of mind that is spontaneous and “shining.”

Always, from my observation, it seems that the Trickster manages to pull the rug out from under the Sun Child’s feet.

There is no active battle between them, the Trickster may not always be consciously ill-intentioned…

Lightning flash: people who whine about the ills of society especially the failures of leaders – fall into the category of Sun Child – their state of mind wishing only to be themselves and radiate. Protest against commercial propaganda, TV programming, pop culture, etc. Meanwhile the people behind these atrocities are the tricksters.
Later in the afternoon, I found myself on Polyvore, and ended up attempting to make funny outfits. Satire, parody, sarcasm through clothes.

I was reminded of UNIF, so I checked out their catalogue. I find myself wondering if this was meant as a parody of all subcultures… or at least this clothing line has an agenda pertaining to shifting mass consciousness, at least in the USA. (Celebrities like Lady GaGa use their items in their videos.)

Why is their name UNIF – is it meant to be “UNIFY” minus the “Y?”

Anyway… I love their extremely funny shirts. Sun kids would find these revolting, but I can be a mirror to them and wear the black shirt to church, and the white one to Disneyland.

(I’ve never seen clothes as means for propaganda before but now – heyyy looks fun)



Anyway to finish off my thoughts on the Trickster. My friend replied, the Sun Child will gain the throne when he learns to play his tricks.


So. Actually maybe we’re talking of machiavellian strategies rather than the Jungian archetype Trickster.

But here’s one Press article from Google Search:
Writers, Know Your Archetypes: The Trickster.

And one from TVtropes, a site that I want to peruse for my project:
TVtropes: Trickster

And a Wikipedia:
Wikipedia: Trickster
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