by cielopop

I am still angry about the last “relationship.”

I am disappointed in my judgment, having overestimated someone’s moral integrity and breadth of vision…

I am angry that he won me over prematurely, and somehow that gave him a license to act like a haughty moron.

This is all because of an outdated memory that I had clung to… I should have trusted my first impression: THIS IS NOT THE SAME PERSON!

Anyway. I am so glad that I’m not with him. I feel so safe. Nothing’s disturbing me. I don’t have to waste energy thinking about choices that I didn’t dream of, don’t have to defend myself against bs remarks, don’t have to deal with emotional explosions, don’t have to run by anyone’s schedule……

I heard that we’re supposed to teach people how to treat us… well. Men are not dogs, men are not children. They shouldn’t have to be taught to make sense and be respectful. If I wanted someone to train, I will get a pet dog.