Spirit Animals

by cielopop

Early this morning, I caught myself in a dream, being my 16-year-old self, activating a personal energetic buffer shield to protect my field from being contaminated by neighbors’ astral garbage; it also fortifies my mind, preventing manipulation and mood contagion. I noticed a white beast sitting atop a cumulus cloud, just outside the house. It might have been a lioness or a fox. Or a collective carrying signatures of lion, panther, tiger and fox, all of them white. There was a cat too.

~   My Spirit Animal is the Tiger.

Because I’ve been reserved, quiet, and retiring, rather than aggressive, I never before entertained the thought that my animal counterpart might be a tiger. I thought I was probably a bird. After reading descriptions of tiger totems however, I was surprised to discover that I do identify with it. 😀 Other animals like buffalo, wolf, eagle… they were all “familiar,” but not really to the point where I can see myself when I read about them. The tiger, is a perfect fit. 😀

Spirit of Tiger (namastecafe.com)

As the Tiger Soul grows, matures and evolves, a balance is found between releasing their indomitable energies and maintaining an awareness of the feelings of those around them. When the two-legged can embrace, without fear, their own Power and utilize it for the benefit of both themselves and others, the Light Force of their Will shines forth to light the pathway for others who journey the path of Self-Knowledge and Discovery.

Tiger Symbolism (universeofsymbolism)

The link above tells me what I need to mature, to, in Jungian terms, attain individuation: patience, focus. Tiger’s medicine also includes – power, energy, strength and willpower in the face of adversity, acting in a timely manner – being in the now, acting without analysis, walker of secret paths and ancient ways, passion, devotion, confidence, courage.  – ShamanicJourney

Now, for a bonus, because the beast on the cloud was white, we learn about the White Tiger.

White Tiger

With Power and Strength, you glide through the night, silent as the mist that evaporates with the first rays of morning light Eyes, glowing with a blue fire that reflect both water and sky, you stare deeply into the Soul, leaving nothing unknown, for all is revealed before your penetrating gaze Keenest of all is the gaze you turn Inward, searching the depths of your restless spirit in a quest to know your Self The Hunt for Personal Truth is called . . . and swiftly answered When the Truth is revealed, torn free from the grasp of the past, any fear felt is faced with stealthy observation and unrelenting determination, for Fear now is the Prey – (wolfsmoon.tripod.com)

Generally, in Chinese shamanic tradition, the tiger is addressed as Baihu-White Tiger. In Chinese culture, white does not merely mean the color white; rather, it is the symbol for transparency, clarity, purification, justice, or punishment, and is also symbolic of the activities of killing and destruction. The symbol for white is equal to the spiritual quality of the tiger totem. In nature, we can learn about the spiritual White Tiger through the “killing” atmosphere of the fall season. This killing is the process that generates new life in the spring season and is the natural way to clear out old energy and weakness and to maintain stronger life energy.poderanimalpower

The other Felines are my Friends. I am learning from them too.

White Lion

Universeof Symbolism


White Panther 





By the way, in real life, this lovely orange striped cat showed up in our backyard last year. We don’t know who the owner is but she’s been hanging out here. Then this month she gave birth to four little kitties. I think this cat was in my dream, her higher self may be a white panther.




Although the fox is not part of the Feline family, somehow the energy of this little one came through in the dream, as if tagging along.