The smell of fear

by cielopop

Burning your hips and base of spine
Freezing your thighs so you can’t move
Heaviness in your guts
And you can’t breathe
Shoulders tense and heart skips
A hundred beats at once
Where are you?
Lost in a maze of darkness
Imaginary or real
Inhale and hold your breath
You’re alright,  the nightmare’s far away,
But your heart is burning black
Eyes like deer in headlights
Scapegoat frozen in sight
He had a knife in his car
You saw a rusty shovel the first time
It could’ve been his painting
Or you couldve been his dark art
Preserved sculpture upon his walls
Mortal enemy, falsely beloved
Crowning glory of his mission
Crucifixion of innocence
Sacrifice for fame
For a monster that he conceals
Yet undeniably reveals