by cielopop

Never paid much attention to mainstream “hip-hop” — I used to detest this kind of music because most of the popular ones seem to be all about ego, showing off, quarreling…

But I listened to Nicki Minaj’s songs all day. I’m posting three of my favorites from her.

I discovered that I like her ATTITUDE.

Solar plexus power: knowing who you are, what you’re capable of.
As with everything, it has a shadow. And its shadow side is the arrogance, egoic wars, which I care nothing for.

(I love the chorus in this song;… Drake’s lines, just 50%…)

For this song (especially the chorus) I guess producers could use better vocalists. But ok, I guess it song was written for them, and Nicki can rap.


My favorite thing about pop is, their focus on happy moments. I’m aware that some artists get the high from drugs or sex, etc…. but still it’s great to hear musical translations.


Other Minaj songs that I like:
– Fire Burns
– Automatic
– Autobiography
– Go Hard

Others that I haven’t mentioned, are either forgettable or tedious or irritating.


(Anyway who are they selling this to… Are the proles that hard up, they need crass lyrics to inspire them to go through their days?…)


p.s. yes I know other hiphop acts, my favorites being the lost prophets, the last poets — from the old days. Lol