Signs of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame

by cielopop

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Posted due to popular demand–many of you ask me about this. I have taught this information in LilyDale, NY and counseled lots of people about this. I give you, Signs of a Soul Mate.   If you are experiencing these symptoms and you need help– please get in touch with me.  If one could be given through life experience, I may have a PhD in soul mate experience, a hard but wisdom laden road.  I can definitely help you, and let you know what has helped others (and me) through these experiences.  Do not go through it alone, and no….you are not crazy!

Signs of a Soul Mate

 □  An energetic feeling of connection in the heart, sacral and/or third eye chakras.

□  There is a “romantic” connection.

□  An instant, magnetic, unexplainable attraction.

□  A moment of “soul recognition” that this person is a soul mate, often by…

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