by cielopop

i am reading this note created by one of my dear fb classmates ❤
(although the content is from someone else)

everyone who knows him, misses him

i know his soul is super calm and peaceful… but as an incarnate he was… passionate about truth and freedom… among awakening indigos, this is sometimes expressed or experienced as irritability, or anger…

i had once gotten the inkling that he was extremely nervous…. how shall i describe this…. my sensing of his state of mind, at the time, sensing from his live posts/comments… a pure soul, but the ego is hyper anxious and lacks just a little bit more dose of optimism and faith…. i felt that i needed to tell him to please calm down before it leads him to serious trouble…….

but i didn’t because. i had a habit of doubting my intuition. i figured the fear of tragedy was from my own imagination. i don’t know his reality. giving unsolicited advice, not recommended. i’m not nosy. he knows himself best. he’s smart, he would’ve figured it out in time. or someone else will tell him…

a few weeks later, we were all just waiting for posts from him 😦 i had an inkling that he was in danger but i brushed it off because, what a crazy idea; please be safe william/andy, hope you’re on vacation…. later on we found out bad news, his roommate was insane… murdered my friend 😦

i don’t know why i’m telling you about this…

i feel bad about having the chance to let someone know of possible dangers,… and not using it… :/ no one to tell about this :S

it’s nice to be able to get this off my chest, and also think about it,… how i’ve failed and why… a glimpse into my state of being, how may I change this….