thoughts on magic

by cielopop

Reading: Practical Elemental Magick

Getting more acquainted with the basics of Western magic, thanks to the revival of my personal Living Poetry. I just want to see what more I can add to my arsenal.

My main goal is to learn more about the Air element, but of course, while scanning the book, I swerve and end up reading about “Vexatious Elementals” (appendix 13 in the book), which I believe I may actually be dealing with at my job (due to: unusual food cravings, nightmares – maybe 4D astral influence might play a part in this too, if not actually just reversed 13D plasmas).

So, the “command,” sourced from Eliphas Levi, that is given to the elementals involve: a pentacle, a sword, and an oral litany banishing or commanding elementals “by the power/authority of” quite a few entities and mythical figures.

I would just like to list the Authorities here:
– the “Lord” – this is named as the commander; so is this the magician or some “higher” foreign identity?
– Adam Kadmon
– Tetragrammaton
– the angel and the lion
– Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel
– Elohim
– Jahveh (Earth)
– Jahveh Tzavaot (firmament)
– cherub, bull, eagle, serpent – are the ones being ordered to behave

The whole ritual ends in observing golden light emanating from the pentacle, subduing and banishing the elemental.

How exactly am I being productive by picking this apart? I am trying to sort out conflicting aspects between the old traditions and the one I’ve come to favor, just so I know what everyone else is talking about.

In my favorite paradigm, this issue would be dealt with simply by establishing a Maharic Shield, and this is from the year 2000, that’s a long time ago, and things have progressed much farther since then. No entity would be named; the “authority” belongs to the individual alone, the authority of his own identity, that is stationed in the higher dimensions. (That is, we are the god/s.)

Oh, but there is indeed an invocation, of entities from beyond the Time Matrix, and the plasmas that the group has been trying to anchor for 2012. There was one for anchoring higher frequencies, and another for salvage rite of reclamation, the latter naming the higher forms of elementals (from Eternal Living Light, as opposed to Dead Light)…

Their teachings state that not all gods are holy and divine; many who attempt to lord over humans are in fact fallen. Their ultimate agenda being to harvest energy, for food, as their own matrix is self-destructing. They took the original sacred teachings and perverted them.

But okay. From my perspective. See, I am trying to make sense of whatever happened in the past three years. I was just suddenly pushed from the realm of blissful agnosticism (with tantric moments), into the pool of psychic (mis)adventures :O …

Uhhh… too vast topic

Anyway. The list above. Let me see what I’ve heard about them, from the other side.
– “Lord” – ok, if personal Avatar, give command as YourSelf “I as Christos Avatar Self, Pillar of First Cause Light, I as this Expression NOW”… etc
– Adam Kadmon – believed in mainstream to be “the template of the perfect human” – in KS, revealed to be the fallen version of Adami Kudmon, T2 (original humans stationed in Density 2 Tara/Pleiades)
– Tetragrammaton – nothing mentioned in KS about it
– cherub, bull, eagle, serpent – we all know these could refer to the basic 4 elements, zodiacs, etc; – in KS they also referred to Pylon Implant Networks, some kind of control grid. Kind of really “out there,” if you’ve been acquainted with the other traditions.
– Archangels – Michael in particular is fallen, lol. A Nephilim collective. I don’t know about the others. Maybe they’re Jehovian. Anunnaki. 8D?
– Elohim – some are fallen, who created Anunnaki, “Avengers of Anu” to destroy the human race
– Jahveh, Jahveh Tzavot, etc. … – “Yahweh”? Eye of Yahweh, originally a passageway created by Metatron to some other matrix. … Jehovah is fallen Elohim.
– pentagram – a harnessing code

So that’s it. Notes from two different teachings.

Going back to reading. I’m not quite done with the chapter yet, I want to pick out the prayer given by Levi. I think what really works is the Intent, E-motion, Integrity, Command, Visualization. Golden light can easily disperse and recode lower light.