Preliminary Research on Crowley

by cielopop

Yesterday, I learned a bit about the history of the Golden Dawn. I’m still wondering how this system is connected to Zeta-Rigelians. Maybe “the secret chiefs” were the Zetas, if they weren’t actually fictional?

Other groups, traditions, or events listed as being connected with Zetas are: Enochian Watchtowers; Thule Society; Black Sun; Montauk Project; Philadelphia Experiment.

I’m doing research to see if this claim actually adds up.

The following is an excerpt from an occultism-debunking site that I find to be amusing, albeit it holds the generalization that occultists are sociopathic… Having had to research on Dark Triad and Psychological Manipulation, I am willing to consider that idea.



The founder of the Thelema occult religion, and connected directly or indirectly to just about every occult group or movement around today, from the The Church of Satan, the AMORC, Wicca and even the Church of Scientology . Crowley started out in life as a wealthy heir to Crowley Ale. Despite all his voluminous writings that blather about the importance of developing the will, he squandered his fortune away on drugs and prostitutes.

Crowley did some incredibly strange things during his career, to put it mildly, including defecating on hotel carpets because he thought his feces was sacred, molested children, sharpened his teeth to make fangs, ate feces, put food and dead birds on a skeleton in attempt to reanimate it (all it did was make a mess) and identified with the Anti-Christ. His followers are willing to overlook such behavior, thinking somehow it was due to being in contact with the mystical forces. But there is actually a much more mundane explanation for Crowley’s behavior.

Crowley Apparently suffered minor brain damage from an explosion on Guy Fawkes night when he was 14. In an explosion resulting from a “homemade firework” (a glass jar with two pounds of gunpowder), young Crowley was knocked unconscious. He remained in a coma for four days, and had to keep a blindfold on for two weeks for fear he’d go blind. His family noticed a change in his personality after this accident. This accident probably made him psychotic, because psychosis can be cause by brain damage, and Crowley certainly exhibited psychotic behavior throughout his life. In addition to things mentioned, he would claim to be a Scottish Laird, a Russian Count, an Egyptian Prince, claim to have a medical degree when he didn’t, and once opened a “magickal restaurant” featuring pills made with his own semen as an ingredient (yuck!).

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That’s from the atheistic point of view.

I found an “esoteric” point of view, and here is some of it, from Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis).

According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA, starting from Grey Alien contact made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904. They scribed and implanted him with “Book of the Law” which is the central sacred text of Thelema, written down from dictation mostly by Aleister Crowley, although his wife, Rose Edith Crowley and the entities themselves are known to have written phrases into the manuscript of the Book after its dictation.

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Of course I realize that this second site has a lot of wild claims that sound paranoid and outlandish. But I guess that’s the occult for you.


In the title, I say “preliminary” because deep research involves actually reading Crowley’s works,  preferably all of his books; researching the history of the times he lived in — sociopolitical conditions, etc;

…and I simply don’t have enough time for that. I’ve got other stuff to do, you know.