by cielopop

2014 was such a highly stressful year. Let’s just say, it began with a most horrifying Venus retrograde, and then I reunited with someone who disappointed, and traumatized, me.

I know, I must sound like an entitled drama queen by now, “disappointed,” “traumatized,”…

But hey, I found out he lied from the start, he was living with a girl, his excuse was that she was lesbian, then he “covertly” (I saw through it) tried to manipulate me into a three-way… YAWN. You know. Disappointment. Trauma? It’s from his violent reactions to my well-educated response (I tried to be objective, I did my research, I respectfully gave my educated opinion), his impatience, etc…

So you see. I’m not overreacting or “seeing rats where none can be found.”


Anyway. That little incident, even though short-lived, actually changed my mindset for the worse, for the rest of the year. I struggled to get back to positive thinking, about society. It was so difficult. Handling the loss of trust. Loss of faith in what could come. Developing a fear of betrayal, having to consider how many people you meet could be liars, and if they’re ever going to be worth any time of interaction.


Now that I got my Prayer Book back from my friend, I can review and say my prayers… ahhh the Steps Towards Joy…. I can now retrace my steps and see what I did wrong, and reattain my previously blissful state. ❤ ❤ ❤




p.s. I must add that October 2014 was special too because I met a Healer, I am so grateful for his presence. ❤