A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Integrity

by cielopop

I found this while doing research on “INTEGRITY,” one of the Virtues espoused in my favorite metaphysical paradigm;

The sequence goes like this:

Virtue -> Attitude -> Responsibility -> Victory

Integrity -> Gratitude (reversal: Hypocrisy) -> Self-Containment (reversal: Pretension) -> Humility

There are fourteen other sequences, all of which define the ideal character. 😉

[I know, someone who loves to criticize me would say, “you are such a follower.” First of all, my idea of individuality does not exclude “discipleship” and humbly learning from masters; this does not mean I’ve given up my choice to think for myself — I’ve done enough thinking, where did it lead me? Would I like to find better vistas? Yes. Well then, hello Friend who has a lot to teach me.]



Think Different

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Integrity

I am grateful to @ionel_condor for the suggestion which kicked off this post.

It may strike you as odd that some folks might need a Beginners’ Guide to Personal Integrity. Most of the folks I know have personal integrity coming out of their ears. But I do note its absence or lack, in some quarters.

I have until now put “integrity” down to a certain predisposition. Something someone either has, or does not have.

Maybe it’s not a predisposition though, nor an aspect of character. Maybe it’s just a lack of exposure, of role models, of education. God knows, we can hardly look to people in the public eye for role models these days. And I can distinctly remember no integrity classes at school.

Is Integrity teachable, anyway? I’m hardly qualified to judge. Aside: If anyone has a more informed opinion on this…

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