by cielopop

Paint emotions and visions with words.

Spread out over a sequence of time, a series of Now’s, consolidating into past-present-somewhatfuturethatneverreallycomestobebecauseitalwaysbecomesthepresent…

(LasVegas tomorrow with fwends, deja vu dream come true?)

First we have automatic writing streamofconsciousness recording naturalflow of thoughts. No judgment, no censorship. No meta ponderances. Just, sliiiide….

Got bored with that. When. The mind is trapped in the confines of. Its sorrows and worries. Oh my reality is limited by such and such. Oh my obligations that get in the way of self-fulfillment. Oh my physical challenges and financial blockages.

How do you paint a picture with words?

We hear about elements of a story a movie a poem…… do you plan in advance what theyll be or does it flow by itself

Then. Circle and skip. Time hop to and fro. Radiate in and out. Lalala di da di da. Fractal concepts? Zoom in and out.

What is possible with this? Ideas, words, sounds… painting on your mind for a stretch of time. One, two, three. Was it worth it? Do you like what you see? Is this question applicable? Three, one, two. HereThereEverywhereNowhere. Yes&No. Badumtsss […      …].


It matters. Oh, it does.