MAVID BATANES: Face the North

by cielopop


Beautiful Batanes Beautiful Batanes

It is every Filipino traveler’s dream to “face the north” and visit the Land of the Ivatans—the island-province of Batanes.

Aside from being host to rolling hills, cliffy coasts and pristine beaches, this archipelagic province also boasts of its rich culture, warm people and crazy weather. As a self-claimed frequent traveler, I was challenged to conquer this paradise of emerald islands. That dream came true just recently when I got the chance to finally visit this heaven on earth.

Apart from being the northernmost, Batanes is also the smallest province both in terms of population and land area. Sandwiched by the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the group of islands is almost isolated in the north, except for its geographical proximity to Taiwan. A total of six municipalities compose the island-province. Basco, Mahatao, Ivana and Uyugan are all in the island of Batan; while Sabtang and…

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