by cielopop

Let me give you a grasp of the Philippines’ situation today:
1st off: 91% of filipinos support our President. He is the last incorruptible politician here in the Philippines that’s why he won. You wouldn’t know because you foreigners don’t know this man. He won under the promise of cleaning the country of drugs and corruption.
2nd: the VP and some Senators won last election under the banner of the previous administration. They used the gov’t, drug money and foreign aid for typhoon haiyan as campaign funds.
3rd: they are trying to discredit our President so that he can be succeeded by the VP so they can continue their corruption. They are buying our corrupt media to relay it internationally to give him a bad reputation.
4th: the oligarchic corporations, both local and foreign, that own mainstream media have vested interests in mining our natural resources, which they continued unhampered during the previous administration, are being hit economically due to our president’s hard stance on mining. Some are even on the drug syndicates’ payroll.
5th: the EJK issue is not being reported correctly. The corrupt media says 2,000+ have died because of the war but the reality is that only 700+ are killed in the operations. The rest are either the gangs and corrupt officials killing their subordinates to prevent rats. Other deaths are not even drug related. What is funny is that the senator leading the EJK investigation is part of the drug trade.
6th: why do we know this? Because the people are the ones living in the streets. They know who are the addicts and peddlers in their areas. The government just needs to consolidate these information and run the revalidation on the 678,000 (and counting) drug surrenderees. The people in the list will be asked to surrender and change their ways. If they instead chose to fight it out, definitely they will be killed because the police has to protect themselves.
Conclusion: cut the crap! The one BBC aired is a fake assassin, the one in the NYTimes newspaper was killed by the peddlers and not by the police, and the woman interviewed by the 60-minutes Australia is in cohorts with the corrupt politicians. We have a no-nonsense leader so please look at the reality and not fabricated news!