by cielopop

tuesday last week, i got a professional color draping session — my season is bright winter, which means i dazzle in bright shocking colors 😳

tonight, i swatched all my nail polish: wrote down each color’s brand and color name, and painted little squares beside them. Out of 38 items, I kept 18 and stashed away the rest to give away to friends.


I just finished swatching my eye liners, pictured above(?). Out of 18 sticks, I kept 7. The rest I organized with the nail colors, according to their general seasons.

I’m keeping the Bright Winter makeup. There is a Soft Autumn lipliner that I’m not throwing out because it makes my lips look like Kylie Jenner’s 😂 and I can wear it for a “no makeup look.” Same for an Autumn eyeliner too. Autumn begins to fail me in clothes though. I’d look aged and blurred haha.

I have a black eyeliner, a nice navy one, and a mint green. A couple of charcoal too. The cobalt blue gel is surprising 😊 Not sure where when and how I’ll wear it, but it surprisingly didn’t turn green on my olive skin. I guess correct colors don’t change when you apply them.

Now I’m going to swatch lipsticks.