Brainstorming for Makeover

by cielopop

These are the colors in which I look normal.


Here I gather all the ideas that I will explore and expand on.



for the next two weeks I am taking an OOTD pic every day to capture the status quo; currently not happy at all with my cringeworthy comfort-over-everything-else “style.” In a nutshell, I SETTLED. That’s all I did.

Around 2013-2014 my friends asked me to please wear makeup and dress more sharply like I used to; they didn’t like my new look which I felt was more “toned down and relaxed.” I had been undergoing big changes – total heartbreak leading to near-death which manifested as reduced vitality, new eating habits, new philosophies, new priorities… Not to mention financial difficulties as well.

Color schemes changed from bright or intense to pale and muted. Structure from sexy to ghostly… Eh whatever… Hmm

Now I’m just wearing “functional” clothes like shirt and joggers, that don’t reflect my physique at all.

first part of wardrobe detox is documenting the status quo:

• OOTD for two weeks

• go through my closet and dump the clothes that don’t wear the Bright Winter colors. but first I will probably take pics of the favorites being worn by me, and note what I liked about each, in spite of the wrong colors. Every good detail will be recorded for later use – might be clues for building the new wardrobe.

Taking place for the next two weeks. After which on May 6, a new style class begins. I’d be lucky to be enrolled.



– I don’t want to wear bright all over, I scared myself at my friends’ wedding 😱 …

– neutrals: white, black, gray, navy

– accents: ultramarine, scarlet, emerald, fuchsia

– think about: dark colors, icy colors

– what looks “natural” or “relaxed”



– white button downs and white skirt

– white/blue stripe and navy skirt, silver heels, navy sweater, beret hat

– colorful skirts



– reserve black tie

– reserve white tie

– cocktail dresses

– semi casual and casual

– work uniform



– Dramatic

– Ingenue

– Romantic