by cielopop

I feel sad that my best colors are Katy Perry colors (which looks weird on her), even though I like the gothic look. And got used to monochromatic look.

Thoughts on the OOTD

  • You never realize how dumpy you look until you document every outfit, every day. Just because you love the clothes or feel comfortable in them, don’t mean you look alright.
  • The Sailormoon print shirt made me happy but it was in the wrong colors (Bright Spring), wrong shape (square).
  • I looked better in plain sweater (even though it was Soft Summer color), this might imply I have CLASSIC essence, which means “Less Is More” applies to me.
  • I have a resting bitch face. Is this a DRAMATIC look?
  • I need to get a new set of work clothes: less dumpy, and in the right colors.
  • Yes, plain clothes with no prints make me look sane. Gotta keep that in mind. Experiment with textures instead. It is agreeable.


I broke my no-shopping rule. I went to the thrift store and bought a sequined top, a sequined dress, and a beaded sheer dress overlay. The latter looks fine except for a few missing beads which I’m going to replace with brighter beads anyway. The sequined bandeau top might be too muted for me, but a BW circus color blazer can fix it. Ditto for the uber-glam and too-dramatic-for-me black sequined dress.

Help me be disciplined and NOT shop at all until I’ve figured out my ideal pieces. I have to tell myself that the world will not end, and I am not gonna die if I let one sweet piece slip away.