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Now i know what to say when asked, “how do u look so ridiculously young for your age? what’s your secret?”

I used to be stumped, holding in what i know to be true, thinking twice-thrice-plus about relaying complex ideas such as: “my merkaba is active. Aging is caused by ‘metatronic compaction,’ a lack of access to frequencies beyond the incarnate plane… i am able to override or at least delay the process because i have achieved by age 14 soul integration, meaning, i am sustained not just by 3D bread alone, but also by energy itself, from the soul matrix…. besides, what is time but an illusion?”

do you think the average american would immediately grasp that?

I should not be underestimating my inquirers’ intelligence. I realize this is a maladaptive schema from growing up under care of stubborn adults who hated having to listen to anyone that isnt them…

But anyway, i assume that short concise responses are the best — the more direct, and less confusing, the better… and the spiritual science info i had given earlier, seem complicated, leading from one question to another, and ive been a lazy student, so i fear not being able to provide the most coherent picture…

Well. My perfect answer, i realized today is like poetry:

“i have not aged because i have seen eternity.”

🙂 True story. consider that aging and time are closely related. And that eternity is beyond time and space. If you could dive into that pool, you’re good. Anchor in eternity….



“My Ego”


I’m starting a collage on my bulletin board. “My Ego,” featuring all the fine things in life that are valuable to me. The themes include Diet, Cultural Pastimes, Occupation, Financial Goals, and Social Circle. I will have to formulate each dream, in detail, and gather all the signs, symbols, feelings, tones, and then altogether, these things become an altar piece.

The gift wrapping paper (background) is from Bella Luxe, a brand from which I’ve seen delicate embellishments that usually are neither too wild nor boring. World maps, being one of my favorite prints, awaken my wanderlust and curiosity, and a sense of awe at the various cultures and achievements that humanity has made. Besides, I love Mother Earth too.

The 12-pointed star within a gold disc, I made for Christmas, and I am re-using it because it symbolizes a special blessing. The 6-pointed hexagram (Star of David), within a circle (not without), is said to carry the Maharata/Christ frequencies. I’m not sure what 12-pointed brings, perhaps it includes/unites the parallel worlds? I don’t know. But with it juxtaposed over the worlds, I imagine a sense of infusion. So, all the world becomes sacred… offering more potential for joy and magic.

I obviously still have to add all the other elements. I’m thinking of using sigils which I’m not sure how to make but hey let’s play by ear. Pictures, drawings, poetry, etc…

Everytime I walk by it, I will review, because I, the spontaneous free-wheeler, truly need to be reminded. (I can’t carry on “accepting whatever happens” anymore.) This is part of my Identity, that I am consciously shaping. I hope to enjoy a wonderful, blessed transition… fingers crossed. ♡

According to the Angels

This lady is a very controversial figure among the metaphysically-inclined researchers… So far, her work delivers the widest and most detailed picture ever.



Photos by Cielopop

to put it simply…


sex magic: 

close your eyes, 
take a deep breath, 
and make a wish. 

slip into a dream, 
and dance forever
keep it going, don’t stop.  

when you arrive at the gates, 
live your wish — 
you’re now the god in heaven, 
and thy Will shall be done.    



Brightly Painted Stairway in Turkey Starts Revolution Against Drab Gray


A 64-year-old man in Istanbul decided to brighten people’s days by painting rainbow colors on the old, gray, crumbling stairs near his house.

When municipal officials sent workers after nightfall to hurriedly repaint the stairs gray, a quiet revolution started on Twitter.

Not only did volunteers come out to repaint those stairs that Huseyin Cetinel had spent hundreds of dollars on, they started painting other stairs and walkways in other cities around Turkey posting photos on social media.

A very colorful Pandora’s Box had unwittingly been opened.

Brightly Painted Stairway in Turkey Starts Revolution Against Drab Gray.