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A friend has re-awakened within me the Living Poetry, by giving me a little butterfly whom I named Ya-Seph’-ah the Air-Bender. Ya-Seph’-ah, taken from the tradition of Keylontic Science, refers to Cloister Air Command, Virtues associated with it are:
-> (3) O-Ma’-TU – Zha’” ]Integrity ]Sincerity, Honesty, Dignity, Respect ]
-> (7) Sa-YeN’ – [“MOW] –  [ Communication ] – [ Reserve, Economy of Speech, Deep Listening, Articulation ]
-> (11) WhŪ-Yuan – [ “too” ] – [ Passion, including, but not limited to, sexual ] – [ Cleanliness, Sobriety, Restraint (self-control), Discretion ] 

While I’m on the topic of Virtues, there are corresponding Attitudes, Responsibilities, and Victories for each.

(3) O-Ma’-TU: Integrity – Gratitude (reversed: Hypocrisy) – Self-Containment (reversed: Pretension) – Humility
(7) Sa-YeN’: Communication – Accountability (reversed: Concealment) – Appreciation (reversed: Suppression) – Expression
(11) WhŪ-Yuan: Passion – Engaged Detachment (reversed: Indifference) – Cooperation/Diplomacy (Apathy) – Zeal

The 13th Virtue and its corresponding Attitude – Responsibility – Victory:

(13) Yhu-MEI-ZUN: “Aah” ] – [ Enlightenment ] – [ Grace, Eloquence, Patience, Humility ]
(13) Yhu-MEI-ZUN: Enlightenment – Authenticity (reversed: Prejudice) – Altruism (reversed: Ignorance) – Wisdom

Healing myself to allow for embodiment and expression of these Virtues shall be my personal goals for the next two months.


Things I Learned While Drunk

My mission in life is to play. If I’m not playing I’m on the wrong street, make a detour back to fun land aka soul land


Nigredo/Saturnine stone – being overly serious, work-obsessed, basically a bore

Philosopher’s stone – playful mindset

Text chat:

Me: “if we do it right, we can touch God.”
Him: “Touch god how?”
Me: “slip into dreamstate and shoot for the stars”

And then silence.

So yes, the question is, I’m wondering what he is thinking. Is he opposed to it? Appalled? Is it against his beliefs? Or has he thought of it before? Surprised?

…. o.O ….


According to the Angels

This lady is a very controversial figure among the metaphysically-inclined researchers… So far, her work delivers the widest and most detailed picture ever.

Previous Notes on Sexuality


So here is an excerpt from the 12-hour workshop that I’m studying:


This is only from the first half hour of the first DVD, and it’s already loaded with so much information.

Being meticulous with research, disliking the feeling of uncertainty, and burdened with too much tension within my mind and emotional body (not necessarily “heart”), I have to take this really slow by first sorting out my own feelings, opinions, and prior knowledge before I can proceed with the workshop to compare notes and update my awareness and behavior.


The notes below are from my personal journal, not from the workshop mentioned above.

Sexuality + Spirituality

Before 2011, I had no knowledge of human bioenergetic mechanics. All I knew of spirituality was the typical vague “knowledge” that is based on “right-brained” processes or the language of dreams and symbols. I had abandoned conventional religion (Roman Catholic) when I was a teenager.

This is what the Catholic religion taught me about sex: that if used for purposes other than pro-creation, it is a grave sin, a taboo. It falls under violation of the sixth commandment – adultery. Using contraceptives besides the rhythm method is also a sin. So unless you want to have a child, you must abstain from sex. Condoms, contraceptive pills, surgeries, are not favored in the eyes of God.

I don’t believe in a nosy sadistic God, but I think I may need some mild therapy about this, especially as my family was equally strict, overprotective, overbearing, etc. Combined with a conservative society, where gossip abound… :/ So I literally had to erect walls around my sexuality – I didn’t write nor talk about it, never gave away signs, I tried to keep it away from my mind. This was in my teen years; later years would be different.

Do you think this contributes to me being uber-PICKY about sexual partners, cringing at base expressions of sexuality? Or is this just part of the feminine psyche 😉 looking for poetry and the sublime in partnerships.

Fast forward to my young adult years. I liked reading the basic psychology books. M. Scott Peck, M.D. was one of my favorites. One of the major lessons I took from him was that sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, and cannot be separated. He noted that the most spiritually developed people that he had met also had enhanced sexuality – I forgot how he has stated this; I shall find the book and post an excerpt here one day.

Perhaps the enhanced sexuality has to do with raised kundalini.

I have not really looked into Tantra, but I hear this practice treats sex as a sacred practice. In some magic traditions — I’ve seen this shared among the left-hand path students — sex is a potent tool for rituals, it can amplify effectivity.

Then there’s the story about Twin Flames, who are one soul (flame), descended from the heavens, and incarnated in two, destined to find one another at some point in their lives. Their union, at least on the energetic level, will activate changes in Earth’s grids. Sounds like a dreamy-eyed New Ager’s fantasy. We’ll see if KS does offer a valid scientific (energetic) explanation for this.




I guess I’ve written enough for today.

The other two parts of my journal session covered my experiences, which I prefer to keep to myself; and what I get from “My Relationship with Source Comes First.”

I am not ready to share those ideas, so I will stop here.



Tonight, I’m watching the first video. The speaker mentioned the Elements, and furthermore, placed emphasis on protons – and the spiritual implications behind their existence. She is saying there is occult physics behind this.

Anyway, so now I’m reviewing Chemistry 101 because of this. Not the first time that KS has had me look up mundane science. I had had to study Electromagnetics 101, as well as Neurology 101. So this field isn’t completely “dreamy nonsense,” lol.



Periodic table fridge magnet game > Chemistry education and games > Main shop menu > WebElements Ltd






The following list has been extracted from Vexen Crabtree’s article, “Cult and Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism:”

Methods of Indoctrination

Terminology: Building the Exit Cost 
Power to Command (NLP)
Hugs and Love-Bombing 
Complacency Tactics 
Compliments and Complimentary Tactics 
Incense/candles (hypnotism) 
Singing/chanting/loss of breath 
Good cop/bad cop 
Them and us
Post-trauma gullibility 
Confusion and the voice of reason 
Sensory deprivation 
Flotation tanks 

From the entry “Victim-Victimizer [Game]” on

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.40.30 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.42.00 AM
Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.43.28 AM

Remedy, from AzuritePress, “Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery

1. SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Freedom from the “Victim-Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be accountable for all perceivable manifestations as direct projections of intended learning from the personal Consciousness/DNA Template. 

2. SELF-SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom from the need for approval from, or the need to rebel against any form of “external authority” through understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spirit, have the ability to create personal freedom without violating the spiritual rights of others and without allowing others to violate your spiritual rights of being.

A little word about Service

“First, you slave away at school for a degree, and afterwards, you must sell your personality, time, and mind.”

Sounds legit; I don’t question the efficacy of this method, even though I’ve heard too many horror stories of rejected applications, or a graduate ending up at a job that had nothing to do with one’s degree. Not to mention the grueling 9-5 schedule and hourly wage, that seems to sap one’s freedom or individuality. I think that this kind of employment is fulfilling only if the line of work is truly inspirational to the person. If one is happy being a nurse, helping people, then go for it! If you prefer cleaning rooms and floors more than anything in the world, then cool! Delivering mail, driving buses, cooking in kitchens, etc. Whatever floats your boat.

Some people do this “for the money.” I imagine they’d be the saddest persons around. If they push this philosophy on their children, well. Curse them, failures for humans. Hear their child wish to take up a college program that they’re sure they’d excel in,.. then hear the parent say, “WELL IS THAT GONNA MAKE YOU SOME MONEY?” What a cold world, right? So you can’t be yourself because you won’t be supported – you have to take up something difficult that you are not genetically hardwired to do, so you only do half as good as you’re supposed to. Welcome to the Real World.

So what do disobedient, ADD-afflicted mavericks do? Quit school, just go ahead, forge a path to one’s dreams. If they like theater, go. Whatever fuels the creative fire, take it up. How many of these people have succeeded? Does anyone have the statistics? Well, if they aren’t “successful” (glamorous, wealthy, big house, ten cars, hot wife, etc), at least they’re not mentally ill?

So, service. Wait, what kind of indie people fail — just the self-contracted ones, who have forgotten the language of the heart, of relating to people?… But haven’t we seen enough narcissistic stars (aren’t they pre-programmed MK Ultra slaves though)?…

Does one’s adherence to the “Law of One” affect one’s probability for success?  “I am you, you are me; my actions affect the whole collective, just as the condition of the collective shield affects me and my experience of life.” True service, in my opinion, rests on this idea, even if not consciously acknowledged. Service is not “doing good for other people,” with the eyes on the money, or socioeconomic advancement. But maybe the latter are useful goals – there seems to be few inspirations for self-development than material acquisition.

Am I thinking too much about this?

Re-reading first paragraph, I was reminded of other means of “making money.” Alright, I see now where I may have lost the tracks. “Making money.” Nothing wrong with some research right?

So — education (a degree), was that formerly only one of many type of “investments?” And it just suddenly got popular? And it didn’t have to be mandatory, but hey… people imitate everything, especially if a method is seen to produce desirable results.

Is it really all about the money? If we want to make it all about the money. We can research: freelance work, small business, or big business systems. Lastly, investments.

Is it as easy as it sounds?

Reality is Mathematics




Morality is a Dirty Word

DPchallenge: Morality Play

In a world populated with narcissists and dullards, one cannot confidently rely on “conventional wisdom.” Morality in this scene becomes a dangerous thing, a war bomb conveniently hidden within proclamations of benevolence, born of culture and individual memory, masked as the light, often inciting judgment and gossip, encouraging ostracism, the “us-versus-them” mentality, the root of wars. While one’s conscience might disapprove of subduing and manipulating neighbors, it might actually turn out to be life-saving.

Ah, the drama of the ego. In heaven, everyone gets along, and there is no need to play Machiavelli and Tony Montana. But we are not in heaven, we are in 21st-century Earth, a ghetto planet.

I have not lost faith in humanity, nor do I believe that all notions of moral values are illusions. In a different social setting, I might be more optimistic.

I have heard of the “Law of ONE,” which is, in a nutshell, a logical consequence of PanDeism (God became the universe), meaning – everything in existence is interconnected; and if I decide to thoroughly investigate the  historical development of multi-cultural moral philosophies, I might hypothesize that the Law of One may qualify as an objective measure of morality. The Golden Rule, while consistent with the Law of One concept, fails to address every nuance in social exchanges, such as power balances, projections, expectations. A bulk of our problems lie in our ignorance of these issues.

But, given the distinction between mental acuity and actual behavior, discussions and rationalizations about morality does not bring salvation. It may bring intellectual security, but it does not guarantee that one is immune to hypocrisy.

Integrity is the real deal.

Vicious Circle
(written and performed by Lou Reed)

You’re caught in a vicious circle, surrounded by your so-called friends
You’re caught in a vicious circle, and it looks like it will never end
‘Cause some people think that they like problems
And some people think that they don’t
And for everybody who says ‘yes,’ there’s somebody staring, saying ‘don’t.’ 

You’re caught in a vicious circle, surrounded by your so-called friends
You’re caught in a vicious circle, and it looks like it will just never end
‘Cause some people think that it’s the words
And some people think that it’s not
And some people think that it’s things that you do
And others think that you were cold when you were hot
They think that that was what it was about. 

You’re caught in a vicious circle