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The answer my friend lies in the fact that women are tuned to be attracted to not just looks but MEN, not boys. 
What do I mean by that ?

You become a man, when, you are in control of your emotions .

You become a man, when, you develop the confidence to not be offended by stupid things and be emotionally swayed by your needs.
You become a man, when, you acquire the patience to listen to your woman talk.

You become a man, when, you dont expect your woman to take care of you.

You become a man, when, your absence makes your woman think of you all the time.

You become a man, when, you dont have to curse and raise your voice in order to be heard.
You become a man, when, you dont feel threatened by other men and stop being insecure about yourself.
You become man, when, you can get hit hard by life, and still stay focused on your vision and dreams.
You become a man, when, you develop the empathy to shed a tear at another mans misery.
You become a man, when, you can hangout with the homeless, play with the disabled, cheer up little kids and hangout with old people without ever feeling that youre doing this out of pity and sympathy.
You become a man, when, you can laugh at yourself and not care.
You become a man, when, you know when to draw the line and give up in an argument without making it a fight.
Women like, style, charisma, well groomed, good smelling and clean men. These things need to be baked into your lifestyle and daily routine. 
Start practicing, because time is running out and your chance of attracting your dream woman is also getting slimmer. 

Let me give you a grasp of the Philippines’ situation today:
1st off: 91% of filipinos support our President. He is the last incorruptible politician here in the Philippines that’s why he won. You wouldn’t know because you foreigners don’t know this man. He won under the promise of cleaning the country of drugs and corruption.
2nd: the VP and some Senators won last election under the banner of the previous administration. They used the gov’t, drug money and foreign aid for typhoon haiyan as campaign funds.
3rd: they are trying to discredit our President so that he can be succeeded by the VP so they can continue their corruption. They are buying our corrupt media to relay it internationally to give him a bad reputation.
4th: the oligarchic corporations, both local and foreign, that own mainstream media have vested interests in mining our natural resources, which they continued unhampered during the previous administration, are being hit economically due to our president’s hard stance on mining. Some are even on the drug syndicates’ payroll.
5th: the EJK issue is not being reported correctly. The corrupt media says 2,000+ have died because of the war but the reality is that only 700+ are killed in the operations. The rest are either the gangs and corrupt officials killing their subordinates to prevent rats. Other deaths are not even drug related. What is funny is that the senator leading the EJK investigation is part of the drug trade.
6th: why do we know this? Because the people are the ones living in the streets. They know who are the addicts and peddlers in their areas. The government just needs to consolidate these information and run the revalidation on the 678,000 (and counting) drug surrenderees. The people in the list will be asked to surrender and change their ways. If they instead chose to fight it out, definitely they will be killed because the police has to protect themselves.
Conclusion: cut the crap! The one BBC aired is a fake assassin, the one in the NYTimes newspaper was killed by the peddlers and not by the police, and the woman interviewed by the 60-minutes Australia is in cohorts with the corrupt politicians. We have a no-nonsense leader so please look at the reality and not fabricated news!

Do not love half lovers
Do not love half lovers

Do not entertain half friends

Do not indulge in works of the half talented

Do not live half a life and do not die a half death

If you choose silence, then be silent

When you speak, do so until you are finished

Do not silence yourself to say something

And do not speak to be silent

If you accept, then express it bluntly

Do not mask it

If you refuse then be clear about it

for an ambiguous refusal

is but a weak acceptance

Do not accept half a solution

Do not believe half truths

Do not dream half a dream

Do not fantasize about half hopes

Half a drink will not quench your thirst

Half a meal will not satiate your hunger

Half the way will get you no where

Half an idea will bear you no results

Your other half is not the one you love

It is you in another time yet in the same space

It is you when you are not

Half a life is a life you didn’t live,

A word you have not said

A smile you postponed

A love you have not had

A friendship you did not know

To reach and not arrive

Work and not work

Attend only to be absent

What makes you a stranger to them closest to you

and they strangers to you

The half is a mere moment of inability

but you are able for you are not half a being

You are a whole that exists

to live a life not half a life
– Kahlil Gibran
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What Color Am I? 

Video Tutorial: How to make pigment ink

Have you ever gone to stamp and found that the pigment ink pad you wanted to use is dried up? Arrrrghh! Don’t worry, today I’ll show you how to make your own pigment and chalk ink with …

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Is it true that our history is not true?

With one's past...

I met with some friends  a couple of days ago and had an interesting discussion about Philippine History and the need to bring it closer to the mainstream Filipino. A hearty Filipino breakfast was served as usual in the generous home of  a man who I admire and respect not only because of his accomplishments in Filipinismo but for the kind of person that he is. He welcomes me as if I’m someone who belongs to his house, and he always listens to what I have to say about history — to think that I’m young and hold no authority in history like him. Of course, these meetings are not complete without his amazing recollections of how it was back then, how everything was before, and how it started to change afterwards. I’m a sucker for stories about life in Old Filipinas. Admittedly, I’m such a zealous antiquarian (people…

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My StrengthsFinder 2.0 Quiz Results, 2009

  1. DELIBERATIVE, “…best described by the serious care they take in making decisions or choices. They anticipate their obstacles.”

    By nature, you rarely think about winning the affection of people. Perhaps being your own person is more important to you than being popular with lots of individuals. It’s very likely that you deliver compliments only when you are certain the person deserves recognition. Flattery is not your style. Honesty and sincerity are. You probably think long and hard before acknowledging someone’s achievements or contributions. Driven by your talents, you customarily remain silent rather than join conversations that involve the sharing of intimate or personal information. You generally try to change the topic altogether. When your attempts are unsuccessful, you are likely to excuse yourself from discussions about the upbringing, finances, problems, physical conditions, or mental health of yourself and other people. Chances are good that you probably enjoy reading because it gives you so many topics to talk about other than yourself. Characteristically, you prefer to discuss ideas rather than delve — that is, make a detailed search for information — into your own or another’s personal life. Instinctively, you may be choosy about the company you keep or the people who you call “friend.” Some individuals might recognize that you are keenly aware of what they are thinking or feeling at a particular moment.

  2. IDEATION, “…fascinated by ideas… Able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.”

    Instinctively, you might generate certain types of ideas quickly. Occasionally, you draw links between facts, events, people, problems, or solutions. You may present numerous options for consideration. Perhaps your innovative thinking fosters ongoing dialogue between and among associates, committee members, teammates, or classmates. It’s very likely that you may be the person to whom group members turn to for original thoughts. Perhaps ideas pop into your consciousness as soon as someone describes a problem or an opportunity. By nature, you now and then take advantage of opportunities that allow you to generate original ideas. Chances are good that you tune in to people and figure out what they are saying and thinking about you. You are acutely aware of how individuals regard you. You probably curry — that is, try to win — the favor of some and seek to impress others. Driven by your talents, you may be delighted when you can generate new and innovative ideas for doing certain tasks or projects. Perhaps you lose enthusiasm or become bored when you are forced to follow standard operating procedures. Periodically, you wonder if you are in the right job or course of study when your creativity is stifled. Maybe you are frustrated by people who conclude that your inventive suggestions are forms of criticism or insubordination — that is, refusal to submit to authority.

  3. INTELLECTION, “…characterized by their intellectual activity… Introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.”

    By nature, you combine your fascination for reading with your ability to figure out what sets individuals apart from everyone else. You are likely to discover things that interest someone. Then you read more about those topics. You aim to collect insights that can inspire the person to take advantage of his or her one-of-a-kind talents, knowledge, and/or skills. Driven by your talents, you read to stimulate your mind, to broaden your perspective, and to explore familiar as well as unfamiliar subjects. Reading is a solitary activity, which is one of the reasons why you like it so much. You are quite comfortable being alone with your books and your thoughts. Chances are good that you prepare for important conversations or discussions by collecting lots of background information. It is not unusual for you to set aside at least five hours of quiet time to expand your thinking. A new piece of material can send you hunting for additional evidence to support your theories, concepts, or proposals. It’s very likely that you sometimes enjoy instructing others. Because you like to read, you probably have more information to share with your students than some educators do. THe individuals you tutor benefit from the facts or insights you gather from the printed page or the computer screen. Instinctively, you probably gather lots of information, facts, or insights from a variety of written materials. Fortunately, your passion for reading fills you with the reassurance you need to render a proper decision, state the right points, or tackle an assignment correctly.

  4. INPUT, “…have a craving to know more. Often, they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.”

    Because of your strengths, you may interpret and straightforwardly outline ideas, processes, or projects that some people have difficulty understanding. By nature, you believe you make great strides mentally when you have opportunities to exchange ideas, theories, or concepts with intelligent people. You delight in accumulating unusual insights. Often you expand on these thoughts. You probably are eager to test them during conversations with other intelligent individuals. This is one way you broaden your knowledge base. It’s very likely that you put yourself in the middle of mentally stimulating conversations. You want to gather new ideas, discover new approaches, hear about new theories, consider new concepts, or apply new technologies. Often, you are one of the early discoverers of innovations. Others can lag behind if they wish, but you consistently acquire knowledge. You exhibit little need to know precisely where all this information ultimately will lead you. Driven by your talents, you are an avid reader. Collecting information, insights, and facts is your forte — that is, your strong point. You are quick to tell people about ideas or theories that strike you as correct. Instinctively, you enjoy reading as long as you can savor each sentence and consider each idea. Your goal is to comprehend everything you read. It makes no sense to you to rush through books, magazine, or newspaper articles, internet sites, or other forms of written material just to say you finished them.

  5. LEARNER, “…have a great desire to learn and to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.”

    Chances are good that you might register for high level courses or honors classes. Why? Perhaps you are attracted to subjects that are not easy to comprehend. Occasionally, you trust yourself enough to trust your mental endurance and agility. Because of your strengths, you have little difficulty giving intense effort to projects, problems, or opportunities that capture and keep your attention. Driven by your talents, you are likely an individual performer. You usually channel your mental and physical energy into things that really intrigue you. Instinctively, you are a solo performer. You are determined to broaden your knowledge and acquire skills. You are repeatedly drawn into the process of education. It’s very likely that you sometimes enroll in difficult or demanding classes. You might aim to expand your knowledge or challenge your thinking about certain things.


“Garbage over Gold” would be useless celebrities like Pacquiao and Moreno acquiring seats in the Senate, rather than actual statesmen like Greco Belgica, Dick Gordon, Sergio Osmeña, etc 
The voting system is only beneficial if majority of the voters are educated in philosophy (logic/fallacies), financial literacy, and well-informed about psych warfare (manipulation) strategies. 
Duterte is welcome for presidency because he is at least willing to implement 3-point Constitutional Reform: economic liberalization, shift from unitary system to federalism, and shift from presidential system to parliamentary system. 
Miriam Santiago is brilliant and decent, would’ve made a perfect Vice-President. (Then people might not have had to worry about Marcos Jr vs yellow puppet Robredo.)

I love Batanes

I think Batanes is like the Elysium of the Philippine Islands.

Zero crime rate in a community of peaceful, generous and honest natives, who take good care of their environment.

I would love to move there. I don’t think I will be missing the materialistic consumer lifestyle of the West/NWO.

It is a hermit’s dream.


P.S. I hope that the rest of the country is inspired to develop into a paradise like Batanes. I feel that after the Filipinos clean up and fix their government, this will cease to be a distant dream.

MAVID BATANES: Face the North


Beautiful Batanes Beautiful Batanes

It is every Filipino traveler’s dream to “face the north” and visit the Land of the Ivatans—the island-province of Batanes.

Aside from being host to rolling hills, cliffy coasts and pristine beaches, this archipelagic province also boasts of its rich culture, warm people and crazy weather. As a self-claimed frequent traveler, I was challenged to conquer this paradise of emerald islands. That dream came true just recently when I got the chance to finally visit this heaven on earth.

Apart from being the northernmost, Batanes is also the smallest province both in terms of population and land area. Sandwiched by the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the group of islands is almost isolated in the north, except for its geographical proximity to Taiwan. A total of six municipalities compose the island-province. Basco, Mahatao, Ivana and Uyugan are all in the island of Batan; while Sabtang and…

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